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Dunami Lender Guide 

Dunami Direct (PTY) Ltd is a privately owned company that offers short-term loans via an online application system. 

  • Founded: 2010
  • No. of Staff: Unknown
  • Location: Headquartered in Cape Town 
  • Valid Lending Licence: Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP4849) 

Loan Products 

Dunami provides short-term instant cash loans, from R1000 to a maximum of R5000 for a period of up to 6 months. 

Interest and Fees 

The interest rate varies depending on the duration of the loan agreement . For example: 

  • The fees associated with a R5000  loan to be taken over a 6 month period would look something like this: 
  • Maximum interest rate: 3% per month
  • Initiation fee: R644.10
  • Maximum monthly service fee: R68.40
  • Maximum monthly installment: R 1 105.66 per month
  • Maximum loan repayment of R 6 654.73
  • A R2000  loan to be taken over a 6 month period would incur the following: 
  • Maximum interest rate: 3% per month
  • Initiation fee: R297.73
  • Maximum monthly service fee: R68.40
  • Maximum monthly installment: R 492.88 per month
  • Maximum loan repayment of R R2 957.32 
dunami homepage


When applying for your short-term loan, an individual would stipulate what their payday date is. Dunami would then raise a debit order for the repayment on this date, on a monthly basis. 

Late Fee 

There is no available information on how Dunami might charge should you skip a payment. There is also no indication of whether or not they are flexible on payment rescheduling. 

How To Apply For a Loan 

Dunami has made applying for a loan swift, easy and accessible from wherever you may be.

Completing the application form on the website also signs you up as a Dunami member. 

Their online wizard portal will conduct an affordability assessment, and you’ll be given the option to download your credit score as well. 

Once your profile is completed, simply select the loan amount you would like and the duration thereof.

Information Required for Application 

The profile you create on the Dunami website will include your physical address as well as your monthly expenses breakdown. 

  • A valid South Africa ID
  • Your 3 latest payslips 
  • Your 3 latest bank statements
    (You can make use of the Yodlee app on their website, which will enable you to download your bank statement straight from your online banking. This portal is secure, safe and easy to use.) 
  • Proof of permanent employment 
  • Receiving a salary on a monthly basis 
  • An SA cell phone number 
  • An active SA bank account 
  • Must be 18 years or older 

Minimum Criteria to Take a Loan 

Dunami does not specify the minimum criteria needed to apply for a loan. As with most companies, your approval would be based on your credit risk. 

How Long Will It Take? 

The whole process, from creating your profile to finding out if you’ve been approved, should take about 15 minutes. If you are approved, then the payment is made instantly to your account. Depending who you bank with, this may still take a few hours to reflect. 

Support Team Contact 

There is no evidence that shows whether or not the support team is responsive or how long it takes them to respond to a query. They are available during normal working hours. 

Social Media 

When it comes to social media, Dunami appears to be non-existent, with the exception of a website and an incomplete LinkedIn page. Other than that, they have no social footprint. 

Customer Reviews 

Dunami features on Google Reviews and HelloPeter. 


Dunami google profile

It’s difficult to get a good idea of how the public feels about the company. The only two Google reviews are on opposite ends of the spectrum, but neither of them are recent. 

Dunami Google Reviews


Dunami HelloPeter Review

HelloPeter is much the same as Google, with vastly different reviews coming from customers within the same general time period. These reviews are more recent than the Google ratings. 

Dunami Dunami Negative Review
Dunami Hellopeter postive review

Average Rating: 

Between Google reviews and ratings on HelloPeter, Dumani’s final average star rating is 2,75 stars out of 5. 

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