About us

The Friendly Finance mission is to provide South African consumers with all the information they need to make better financial decisions. We provide hundreds of comparisons of common consumer finance products, such as personal loans, car loans, short-term loans and credit cards. Think of us as a helping hand in selecting consumer finance products.

Our experience

You can have confidence in our comparisons because we have decades of financial services experience. We have thorough knowledge of the intricate nature of these products through first hand experience. Working directly with consumers has enabled us to translate confusing jargon into simple, meaningful language that is easy to understand.

These skills, ability, and experience make us a trusted source of consumer finance comparisons, knowledge, advice, tips and information.

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About our vision

Our vision is to become South Africa’s most trusted source of information on consumer finance. For this reason, we aim to become your most valuable hub for finance information, knowledge, and news. We consult directly with financial organisations to help them to gain a strong understanding of the needs of South African consumers. We hope that by doing this, consumers will also have access to a large range of financial products that fit their needs better.

To achieve our vision, we have chosen to focus on our core area of expertise only – consumer finance. We don’t focus our energy on a wide range of other finance products, and we skip over sensationalised or irrelevant stories in our news hub. We aim to only provide the most meaningful, informative and useful information, news stories, and updates.

Have more questions?

Please contact us if you have unanswered questions, feedback on our service or reviews about providers on our tables. We love to hear from you.

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